Jong & Van Zin is the merge of In Petto Jeugddienst, Jeugd en seksualiteit, and Zin-d'erin(g). It is a strong informative, participative, and training organisation for children, youths, and their counsellors. Jong & Van Zin will work on topics that are important for children and youths at key moments in their life. It will do so in a positive, experience-based and participative manner. Special attention will go to personal relationships and sexuality. 
What does Jong & Van Zin do? 
The organisation: 
- develops informative publications and educational material for children, youths, and their counsellors; 
- trains youths and their mediators via experience-based methods; 
- develops and counsels participation projects for and with youths; 
- stimulates and facilitates peer support. 
If you would like to learn more, we invite you to read our policy documents (Dutch).

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